By sarafakih, Aug 4 2017 01:05PM

So after the first Bungee which was 160ft; I decided to go for the 400ft in Wales! Why? I have no idea!

Well to be honest we had friends wanting to come and do one but then couldn't make it as the date came around.

This one seemed a lot more daring to do because of the height and also the setting it was located in. It was above a large flooded quarry that is used as a diving centre but looks so beautiful!

I went with Rosie my adrenaline junkie partner and we were saying that we felt a lot more nervous this time?!

I'm not sure if that was because we had done one before I knew what to expect which makes you think about it a bit more.

First time is daring, second time is brave we said!!!

I go a little quiet when I go nervous which I was. I was consciously trying not to think about what we were about to do so not to over think it.

As soon as you see the crane you can see how much higher it is to the 160ft.

Unfortunately because of our English Summer the weather was extremely on and off! This meant it had been raining and been very windy throughout the day.

The rain doesnt affect the jump but the wind does. They were running a good 1.5hr behind schedule.

This made things worse as we had so much waiting about to do!

Rosie went first; I could sense she was not like she was on the last one but I assumed it was down to nerves as I felt a little bit quiet and kept trying to avoid thinking about the jump.

The crane spent ages up there when she went up and some were saying oh she isn't jumping.

I thought there is no way; as I know Rosie is very much like me in that respect and unless something was really up she would just go for it and push through any fear.

She didn't jump!

SHIT is all I thought as then it started to worry me about how bad it felt being up there knowing you are about to jump.

She seemed cool when she came down saying she just felt like her bod was not having it today and she couldn't fight it to jump.

I was still so shocked but I think it was a big achievement actually not to live up to expectations sometimes and to listen to her gut.

She has been doing Spartans recently and running her body into the ground so this just goes to show you; listen to your body; it knows best.

I know your mind gets in the way more when doing someting like this but for someone who is very strong willed mentally I think this was her body telling her mind it can't happen today - today isn't the time to jump!

Read her full write up HERE

My jump came and yes......."Bricking it"

So much more nervous than the other jump and then also felt pressure to jumps as I knew she didn't but then also maybe it was in a good way too as it made me even more determined!

Up there it is so so beautiful, greenery everywhere but SO HIGH!

I looked down once when going up but once there I couldn't look.

The guy was talking to me trying to keep me focused to jump.

I was just trying to keep my mind blank!

Finally my time; as he opens the crane door, tells me to put my arms out and I honestly don't feel ready but as he counts down I think to myself "DON'T THINK JUST JUMP"!

He half pushed me as I leaped as well. I think he thought I may of hesitated, it could of happened though!

The jump was amazing! But very scary! The adrenaline rush was through the roof and the free fall was crazy! Again the first initial feeling you scream but then you start to come to your senses (well as much as you can).

The rebound was so much higher this time which actually makes you feel like you are jumping all over again as you free fall again.

Would I do this again for third time?

Hmmmmm who knows with me but for now I think I might give it some time.

I think a third time equals just being damn right crazy - but hey I think the only way to truly enjoy life to it's fullest is to have a crazy side.

By sarafakih, Jul 2 2017 01:00AM

Many of you may not know but I recently did a Bunjee Jump at the end of June with my good friend Rosie! She is a dare devil like me & threw it upon me to do it as she knew I would really be up for something like this! I am so happy she did as it was an awesome experience and one I would defo do again!

I was a little scared about doing it before we went but also very excited! I think it's really good to take yourself out of your comfort zone and do something challenging or a little bit crazy! I do love doing things that are a bit out of the box and that you get an adrenaline rush from!

Rosie literally booked this so fast knowing I would be up for it and to be honest I really didn't think about it or tell many people until that weekend!

When we got there it was actually a bit under whelming as it didn't look very high! But we had a laugh being our crazy excitable selves as we queued until it was our turn! I think we made the staffs day as so many people seemed so quiet before jumping.

Watching all the other ones were actually hilarious! People were so nervous but again I think people just over think it all in their head when going up; u have to just go with the flow; not over think it, be excited that you are about to do something that is a life experience that others may never do!

Again nerves didn't really kick in until I stepped into the crane lift, but actually as we went up I just tried to embrace the view and not think why I was actually up there, I didn't want my mind to run off with me so carried on conversing with the staff, I was of course nervous inside but I wouldn't allow my mind to take control of that.

When the door opened I again didn't want to allow myself to register what I was doing properly of course I knew I had to launch myself off and was told what to do etc but as soon as she opened that door and counted down I knew it to hesitate and just dive like I was diving into water!!!

When you initially start to fall your body freaks out and you uncontrollably shout/scream I even closed my eyes twice and had to force myself to open them as it was an automatic reaction! U kind of freeze too! Then as I fell I was more conscious, I was enjoying the fall and it was even before the bunjee rope connected, but once it did it was awesome!! That adrenaline was pumping & my stomach was flipping but I loooove that feeling!

As soon as I got down I wanted to do it again!!!

Such an amazing feeling and also very proud I didn't let my thoughts take charge and allow me to really get nervous! Challenge yourself, be brave, be bold, do something daring to u, live life to its fullest, most of all don't over think anything!!

A next one is on the cards - a LOT higher this time! EEEEEK!

By guest, Apr 21 2017 11:14PM

Sara Fakih: Posted on 21 April 2017 12:14

Trip to Beirut

As some of you may have seen I've been in Beirut for the past 12 days & then got hit by a sick bug that had me down with Fever and swollen glands! Second day of feeling much better - making sure I have my full energy before the Fitness Fiesta event this weekend; which I am travelling and teaching at today.

This is a perfect example of that I didn't create enough balance for myself on my trip as I literally didn't stop - we have to do this for ourselves to make sure we can still give to others - if we don't look after ourselves we will run out of gas!

If some of you don't know I am half Lebanese and feel very connected to my Lebanese roots. I have a huge family that don't just live only over there but all over the world. I also have many friends there and one of them owns a studio there which I teach at when I am over there; I also taught at another studio over there too this time which was amazing!

I think many have a misconstrued idea of what Beirut is like - it is one of the most diverse cities and Lebanon as a country is just absolutely stunning!

Known for it's famous "Cedar Tree' which they thankfully have a few Cedar Tree Reserve parks too.

Beirut in the 70's was the Paris of the Middle East - It is a half Christian and half Muslim country and it is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited more than 5,000 years ago. The first historical mention of Beirut is found in the ancient Egyptian Tell el Amarna letters dating from the 15th century BC.

I have noted Beirut's history below this paragraph but energetically it is such a strange country; I feel that spiritually as a whole many are very disconnected & judgemental and I think this has been from the unsettling and unrooting of the problems that have happened in the past. Things are a lot more settled there now but there just isn't a lot of order in the country and even though most governments are corrupt theirs is highly corrupt as they didn't have a President for a very long while.

They have rebuilt many parts of Beirut but aren't looking after that city as a whole - the beaches in Beirut (only) were affected badly and they haven't tried to restore them which I feel is a huge shame.

The people are so friendly but you do notice the huge diversity between the rich and the poor. The rich (like most) so self consumed and the poor so so poor it's unsettling.

In a whole it's a amazing city with so much to see - still a few old buildings showing the affects of shootings at war to brand new Dubai like tower blocks hovering in the skyline. The Lebanese are more open minded than many other Arab countries but you still do feel the close mindedness of people over there - this unfortunately comes from an old style culture that I think many older generations find very difficult to detach themselves from. I think spiritually in my generation; we are all starting to become a lot more conscious and aware which energetically will have a positive affect on the world we live in.

For most outsiders, Beirut's history begins and ends with its bloody civil war & the invasion of the Israelis, marching as far as Beirut in three days and putting the city under siege for three months.Lebanon has in part recovered over the past decade from the catastrophic damage to infrastructure of civil war & attacks. Lebanese civil society generally enjoys significantly more freedoms than elsewhere in the Arab world.

The earliest traces of habitation in Beirut date from the Stone Age when the area now occupied by the city was in fact two islands in the delta of the Beirut River. Later, when the river silted up, the area became one land mass. Excavations in the Downtown area have revealed a Canaanite site dating from 1900 BC, with an entrance gate of dressed stone, and, nearby, the remains of Phoenician canals.The city's name is probably a derivative of the Arabic for 'well' or 'spring' (modern Arabic still uses the word bir for well).

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. Over-looking the Mediterranean Sea and flanked by the Lebanon mountains, the city offers astonishing views and experiences. Beirut´s coast is diverse; rocky beaches, sandy shores, and cliffs side by side. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot and rain-free summers, pleasant fall and spring seasons, and cool, rainy winters.

The culture of Beirut has evolved under the influence of many civilizations and peoples, including Phoenician, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Ottomans. This history of cosmopolitanism is a point of pride for the Lebanese.

Beirut is the most religiously diverse city of Lebanon and possibly in all of the Middle East. There are nine major religious communities in Beirut; Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslim, Druze, Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Armenian Apostolic, Armenian Catholic, and Protestant.

After the destructive Lebanese civil war, between 1975 and 1990, Beirut has undergone major reconstruction. The once destroyed town centre is thriving once again and is a hub of activity. Its former reputation as a crossroads between three continents and a gateway to the East has been restored and modernized. The city is said to be the "Paris of the East". Beirut has regained its status as a tourist, cultural, and intellectual centre in the Middle East, as well as a centre for commerce, fashion, and media.

I have to say; the Lebanese know how to Party - I think this certainly a city that does not sleep and they know how to let go and enjoy life in some areas - they work extremely hard & play even harder!

FULL MOON IN LIBRA - was 11th April(The Pink Moon)

"For many a Moon, this configuration of crisis and opportunity has formed and reformed around the Full and New Moons with eclipses and equinox to maximize the focus."This Libra Full Moon is aligned with Jupiter so the yin, emotional and feminine (Moon) is expanded and magnified by Jupiter's unrestrained presence in air sign Libra...""Air signs are mental; so expect both some emotional objectivity along with excessive emotional analysis even obsession by the mind."An air sign Moon teaches us flexibility, to bend like a tree in the wind and to fly above the earth and gain perspective, neutrality and clarity."

Full moons are essentially times of heightened energy and it all depends on how you channel that energy. Put it towards bettering both your life and yourself! If you choose to welcome the shift with a positive attitude, equally positive effects can be gained from it.

Looking into the mirror of the other, we're healing who we are in all our relationships from the Earth to ourselves right up to the person most intimately next to us. It is deep work & Powerful transformative movement!

We are trapped on linear planes within the limits of our five senses.

Isn't it likely that their are other energies moving through the universe that impact our lives ?

Reality is limitless, space is infinite, time is eternal.

Through yoga and meditation, one can at least taste the infinite connection with the universe.

From the Full Moon we then travel through to a New Moon - it is within the week/the coming days before the New Moon where we need to set intentions and manifest what we want & truly believe in what we want is coming with pure intention; thinking of the key words being a clean slate, potential & dreams.

The next New Moon is in Taurus on April 26th - a few points to focus & manifest on:

Make a Financial Plan

Love Yourself/self worth

Be Sensual/relax/taste,touch,smell

Character check/stubborn or lazy?


When the New moon comes I will write a little more on what it means.

I follow an amazing lady called Yasmin Boland who has written a book called Moonology about the power of the moon and how it can benefit us to follow the moons cycles and incorporate into our everyday lives.

Just remember to create balance for you in your life - we ALWAYS need to be reminded of this!

I will be adding some tips that I do when I may get to a place where I need to rebalance and find some me time to replenish the energy that I have lost from running around without much balance.

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