There are many different types of Yoga, and sometimes you need more than one type in your life too. there are very yang practices and on the other hand you have yin and some mix both within the practice.

Yoga means union; union between breath and movement; union between mind and physical body, union between physical body and spiritual body.

I think anything that helps you to let go of hidden tension, to be aware of your breath, to allow yourself to let go, to move with fluidity, to clear your energy channels whether it be in movement or in meditation is Yoga! It is to become more aware and concious of yourself, your reactions, your feelings, your emotions, your own energy.


Most of my classes have a strong dynamic flow to them as I teach you to link your breath with your movement. I will usually teach a Buti Yoga, Buti vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Mandala Flow or Rocket Flow & I always link in some Yin Postures within the practice.


Yoga is used to both keep physically fit but to also explore the realms of spirituality. Yoga grows with time & patience is the greatest tool to assist in our journey down the scenic route of ourselves. Each session is a journey; some days are easy & the mind is calm & the body is light & responsive; other days the mind is running wild and the body feels like wet cement. This is where we learn to breathe deeply & remain detached. The postures are not the goal, they access deeper internal awareness and healing.

Personal insights begin to manifest and we become aware of what we put into our bodies and how we interact with the world around us.

"Practice and all is coming" K.Pattabhi Jois (student of Krishnamacharya who learnt off of students of Patanjali)








Buti Yoga is a fusion of Power Yoga, Tribal Dance & Plyometrics created by yogi Bizzie Gold .

It's a type of Yoga that you would have never tried before, it is so different but yet I think for some it's like marmite.

I honestly believe everyone should do it & definatley kids. It allows you to feel free & to accept and truly love yourself using fluidity of movement, chakra awakening sequences, dance, breath and music.

I LOVE it; it gives me freedom of movement and allows me to be me.


This freedom of movement and breath allows you to feel free by flowing to the music, releasing that inner warrior with primal movement methodology, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques alongside the Spiral Structure Tecnhnique* *(SST)

The SST that Bizzie uses in this practice is magic, it it based on Kundalini and how our energy flows through our energy centres (chakras) in spirals. it teaches you how to really lock on your mulabhanda (root lock aka pelvic floor) and teaches you how to really connect to the movement of all your internal abdominals. the yoga techniques help to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. It helps us to connect to each other and yourself whilst really grounding ourselves. Feel alive & awakened & empowered in this class!


The only way to transform your body in a sustainable way is to fall in love with your workout and wellness lifestyle. It is a chance to create, let go, connect & sweat with intention. Every time you step on your mat, you have a chance to break through emotional and physical barriers to set yourself free. This calorie- scorching class fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance and body sculpting movement utilises the spiral structure technique as mentioned to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilise and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Buti favours movements that challenge the body along the planes of motion. The result, long, lean muscle with a strong ass and seriously strong strength.

Feel alive, awakened & empowered in this class that will transform your BODY & SOUL





Yin Yoga is when postures are held inactively allowing you to get into the tensile connective tissue and fascia; releasing negative emotions & helping to unblock your energy channels /meridian lines.


I believe everyone needs Yin Yoga in their life; it will change your life & I will swear by that!





Vinyasa Flow is a strong dynamic class that smoothly links poses together with fluidity. Vinyasa is very much influenced by Ashtanga with a contemporary twist. I love to be creative in Vinyasa Flows.

Buti Flow is the same but using the Spiral structure technique ad chakra awakening sequences. It is like Buti but without the plyometrics and tribal dance.





Mandala Vinyasa is a dynamic movement of postures that flow into each other enabling you to move around your mat 360 degrees. It flows so beautifully fusing postures into each other as you move around the mat allowing you to get into postures that you never thought you would of.





Rocket is based on the Ashtanga Practice and was created by 'Larry Shultz' who was a student of Pattabhi Jois.

Schultz's yoga was first called "Rocket Yoga" by Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, because Weir said, "It gets you there faster." It is a lot more free than Ashtanga; I love my Rocket Practice!


"Motivation gets you started; Habit keeps you going"

                                                                                 Jim Ryun





My Qualifications


Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification with EIF

200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket

100hr Yin and Acupressure points/Meridian Lines

100hr Mandala Vinyasa & Shamanism

Buti Yoga Qualified Instructor

Hot Core & Buti Sculpt Instructor

Dance & Dance Fitness Instructor (Teaching Dancehall for 4+ years now)

KettleBell Instructor

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Boxing to Music Instructor





My Yoga Teachers


I am so grateful for my teachers.

I have trained with who I deem to be the best.

Both are very different in their teachings but actually they massively cross over the more and more I learn and delve into my own practice with what resonates with me.


I am firstly going to start with "The Yoga People" - Jamie & Dulce.

They have changed my life & that is no exaggeration.

Some of the best teachers in London have trained with these two amazing souls.

My 200hrs was the hardest thing I have ever done. The reason for that was I had to face myself square in the face and had a lot realisations about how I was with myself.

The practice I have learnt was deep, deeper than most yoga classes I had been to. They stripped you down to the core but it was so refreshing shedding some of those layers and starting my realy true journey of self realisation that I felt yoga did to a point with me. this training was deeper than I ever expected and I am so thankful for them.

They are my family and everyone I have met throught them or trained through them I feel are my family too. It's this unsaid understanding; we get each other; we know what we've been through and what we continue to go throught but just with more awareness now.

I will continue to do trainings with them as they are strong but soft, raw but so deep; they truly satisfy my soul and one of the most healing things I have encountered filled with so much knowledge of both the physical and the spiritual side which to me is so important.

They started my journey ot self realisation but I have to dedicate my yoga journey to one special lady "Bizzie Gold", as I said I was doing yoga here and there but Bizzie introduced me to Buti Yoga which actually started the domino affect of my yoga journey and I have not looked back.

The more I learn, the more I learn about myself and what resonates with me the more Bizzie speaks to my soul! I feel like her mission is very much inline with mine before I even knew what mine was!

Buti to me is medicine and I cannot get enought of it. The fact there is so much spirituality linked to this practice too in terms of movement methodology linking to chakra awakening is just genius.

Th dance aspect resonates to my soul more than you believe. This is where we need to understand that dance helps us to also let go too. We need to truly get unstuck form where we are, to shift that stuck energy and let it all go.